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Your First Step to Seamless Admission

Your Journey Begins Here: Filling the Inquiry Form

At Open Arms Education Group, we believe in making your educational dreams a reality, and it all starts with a simple step – filling out our Admission Inquiry Form. This form isn’t just a piece of paperwork; it’s the key that unlocks a seamless and personalized admission experience tailored just for you.

Why Start with the Inquiry Form?

Selecting your desired course is the only prerequisite. We’ve intentionally designed this initial step to be quick and straightforward, understanding that your journey to education should be exciting, not cumbersome. Once you’ve expressed your interest, consider the hard part done – we’ll take it from here. Upon submitting the Inquiry Form, you’ll be assigned a dedicated agent. Think of them as your personal guide, there to navigate you through the entire admission and placement process. Their mission is to ensure that your application journey is not only successful but enjoyable.

What to Expect:

1.Course Selection:

Choose the course you’re interested in – that’s the first and only decision you need to make for now.
2. Agent Assignment:

Once the form is submitted, your agent takes the reins. They’ll reach out to you promptly, introducing themselves and letting you know they’re here to make your application process as smooth as possible.
3. Personalized Guidance:

Your agent will work closely with you, understanding your goals, preferences, and any specific needs you may have. They’re here to answer your questions, provide insights, and guide you every step of the way.
4. Behind-the-Scenes Support:

From document collection to application submission, your agent handles the behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that you can focus on your excitement about the journey ahead.

Admission Inquiry

Featured Services


Academic Placement

We offer comprehensive Academic Placement services for students from K-12 to College and University levels  facilitating seamless transitions.  We facilitate placement and admission process, providing personalized solutions and guidance to our students for a successful educational experience in U.S schools, Colleges and Universities. 


Academic Asessments

Our academic services include academic support during the admissions process,  personalized tutoring, homework review, and on-call educational assistance. Our Higher Education Counseling services provide valuable guidance, and we offer transcript validation to ensure a seamless transition into the academic environment.

Transport & Accomodation

Student Support Services

Our support services include  accommodation arrangements in hostel and homestay program, one-way and return airport transportation, custodial support, and welfare visits. We also arrange  comprehensive orientations and ongoing assistance to supports  students throughout their educational journey with us.

A journey of education in a new country is an exciting adventure, but it comes with its set of challenges, and accommodation is a top concern for international students. The Global Bridge Associates (GBA) Homestay programs offers a supportive and comfortable living environment. —a unique solution to accommodation challenges for students studying in the U.S.

GBA Partnership

Become A Global Bridge Associates LLC Partner. By joining our network, you open doors to unparalleled opportunities and resources that will set you apart in the education recruitment landscape.

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