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A sub-service of Global Bridge Associates

About Us

As a sub-service of Global Bridge Associates, Open Arms Education Group seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive services offered by GBA. From homestay solutions to academic support, we ensure a smooth transition for students entering the U.S. education system. Open Arms Education Group is more than an educational service—it’s a gateway to a transformative experience. We offer comprehensive Academic Placement services for students from K-12 to College and University levels  facilitating seamless transitions. Our support services include accommodation arrangements in hostel and homestay program, one-way and return airport transportation, custodial support, and welfare visits.

Our Team

Philip Martin


Global Bridge Associates Co-Founder, Philip M Martin has experience as a leader in transformational and bilingual education, Mr. Martin has over fifteen years of school administration experience in both the urban and international environments. He has led schools in New York City and the United Arab Emirates, and has worked with schools in China.

Additionally, Philip brings ten years of experience in international student recruitment  to educational and cultural experiences in North America as well as recruitment of high level educators to schools and programs throughout the the United States. Accordingly, he has vast knowledge in all aspects of the education profession.

He has vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry. He has traveled to China, Vietnam,  Laos, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Austria, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as other countries.  These experiences enhance his understands the cultural challenges that students, host families, and educators alike.

Connie Aguilar


Global Bridge Associates Co-Founder, Connie Aguilar has over ten years of experience in international student education. Ms. Aguilar brings an outstanding level of service and expertise to international education, providing her a comprehensive knowledge of international education and recruitment across the globe. She excels at making each experience with a school, the student, and the homestay meaningful and unforgettable. Thus, she is highly attuned to the needs and goals of the international student community.

Connie graduated from California State–Northridge in 1993 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Upon graduation she acquired experience in television production, working as a Junior Assistant Producer for KABC, Channel Seven in Los Angeles, and was Storyboard Producer at an regional advertising agency. She then spent the next decade as a manager at Jefferies & Company and US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, both high profile investment banking firms specializing in mergers & acquisitions, gaming and the telecommunications industry. Seeking to meld her corporate financial background with a desire to work on a more individual, exclusive level, she transitioned into education and quickly built an impressive résumé of satisfied clients.

Board of Directors

Dr. Philip M Martin Sr

Board President

Alex-Martin-2-1 (1)
Alex Martin

Board Member

Ron Ricci

Board Member

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