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Open Arms Education Group

A sub-service of Global Bridge Associates

Welcome to Open Arms Education Group

At Open Arms Education Group, we extend a warm embrace to students seeking not just education but an enriching journey of growth and discovery. As a dedicated sub-service of Global Bridge Associates, our mission is to provide a nurturing space for international students, fostering an environment where academic excellence meets a sense of belonging.

As a sub-service of Global Bridge Associates, Open Arms Education Group seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive services offered by GBA. From homestay solutions to academic support, we ensure a smooth transition for students entering the U.S. education system. Open Arms Education Group is more than an educational service—it’s a gateway to a transformative experience. Explore our programs, connect with a global community, and embark on a journey where open arms welcome you to a world of opportunities.

Why Choose Open Arms Education Group?

Holistic Support: We understand that education goes beyond the classroom. Open Arms offers holistic support, addressing not only academic needs but also the personal and cultural adjustments that come with studying in a new country.

Tailored Educational Solutions: Our programs are designed with the individual needs of students in mind. Whether it’s language support, cultural integration, or academic guidance, Open Arms is committed to tailoring educational solutions for every student.

Global Community Connection: Being a part of Open Arms means joining a global community. Through our programs and events, students have the opportunity to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, creating lasting friendships and a network that spans the globe.

Our Featured Services


Academic Placement

We offer comprehensive Academic Placement services for students from K-12 to College and University levels  facilitating seamless transitions.  We facilitate placement and admission process, providing personalized solutions and guidance to our students for a successful educational experience in U.S schools, Colleges and Universities. 


Academic Asessments

Our academic services include academic support during the admissions process,  personalized tutoring, homework review, and on-call educational assistance. Our Higher Education Counseling services provide valuable guidance, and we offer transcript validation to ensure a seamless transition into the academic environment.

Transport & Accomodation

Student Support Services

Our support services include  accommodation arrangements in hostel and homestay program, one-way and return airport transportation, custodial support, and welfare visits. We also arrange  comprehensive orientations and ongoing assistance to supports  students throughout their educational journey with us.

A journey of education in a new country is an exciting adventure, but it comes with its set of challenges, and accommodation is a top concern for international students. The Global Bridge Associates (GBA) Homestay programs offers a supportive and comfortable living environment. —a unique solution to accommodation challenges for students studying in the U.S.

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Admission Categories

Grade 1-5

Grade 1-5 are the foundation of a learners future. We facilitate placement for our young learners in grades 1-5 in schools offering a nurturing learning environment where education is a delightful journey for their future academic pursuits.

Grade 6-8

In grades 6-8, We facilitate admission to schools that guide students through the transitional years through placing them in schools that balances academic rigor with personal growth they explore new subjects and develop essential skills

Grade 9-12

For high school students in grades 9-12, we facilitate admission to schools with engaging curriculum that prepares them for future academic and professional growth while adequately and preparing students for higher education.


We facilitate admission to higher education programs for students seeking Diploma Programs, Bachelor's Degrees or Postgraduate Studies At every level, we guide individuals towards enrolling in their chosen fields in U.S higher learning institutions.

Are You an Institution ?

Get an Enrollment Strategy Targeted for your Institution

We offer a tailored approach to institutional growth with targeted enrollment Solutions for institutions. Each  institution is unique, thus our comprehensive strategy is designed to elevate your enrollment initiatives, ensuring a successful and dynamic enrollment detailed strategy that  encompassing marketing initiatives with roadmap for successful admissions and enrollment management.

Upcoming Events/Activities

Explore our  our upcoming events and activities. Engage in thought-provoking workshops, join global collaboration forums, and participate in innovative learning challenges that foster creativity and critical thinking.

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Language Clubs

Hyc School


Arts Club

ABC School


Media Marketing

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